High Density Overlay (HDO)
120N1 Concrete Grade

Description: HDO 120-in-1 (120N1) is essentially equivalent to two sheets of HDO 173C. Paneltech’s Conform HDO is a specialty overlay composed of a bleached kraft paper saturated with high levels of phenolic thermoset resin. Its high resin content gives a smooth surface ideally suited for use as a concrete forming surface. It gives a smooth surface finish to concrete suitable for architectural pours. HDO 120N1 bonds well to an MDO cushion sheet as well as commonly used wood substrates. 120N1
exceeds the requirements of the PS 1-09 Voluntary Product Standard. Its unique internal release system reduces the residue buildup on press cauls typical of competitive products.

As with other Paneltech MDO products, 389C has a proprietary glue line formulation that gives it strong adhesive properties when bonding to all commonly used wood substrates. 389C is APA certified and has undergone extensive testing. MDO 389C exceeds the requirements of the PS 1-07 Voluntary Product Standard.


  • Hard surface quality, highly resistant to alkalinity and abrasion from concrete
  • Smooth architectural finish on concrete
  • Quality controlled continuously by online weight and volatile sensors, calibrated hourly
  • No release buildup on press cauls – extends the life of your press cauls
  • Excellent performance in 120/30 panels