HDO Glueline Backer Logo/ Plain
170 B Backer

Description –
Paneltech’s 170 HDO Backer is a specialty overlay composed of a bleached Kraft paper saturated with phenolic thermoset resin. Its function is to balance HDO panels to reduce warping tendencies and to display a company logo if desired.

The 170 B backer incorporates a phenolic glue surface to bond easily to the bare wood back of a standard HDO 100/30 or 120/30 panel. It can also be used with barrier films on thicker panels.


  • Phenolic glueline for bonding to a wood surface.
  • Available as a printed logo sheet
  • Quality controlled continuously by online weight and volatile sensors, calibrated hourly
  • No release buildup on press cauls – extends the life of your press cauls
  • Excellent performance in either 100/30 or 120/30 panels