Medium Density Overlay (MDO)
407C Concrete Form

Description: Paneltech’s New 407C Conform MDO is a high-resin content specialty overlay. It is cured sufficiently that it reduces sticking in the press, but it still densifies under heat and pressure and exhibits the desirable properties of a high flow MDO. The combination of a high resin content and a resin formulated to resist the action of alkaline concrete fluids make the overlay especially useful for concrete forming applications. It gives a smooth matte finish to concrete and is treated to release easily from forms when coated with the appropriate form oil. The higher resin content, other things equal, will give, on the average, more pours than a standard MDO.

The paper is well saturated with resin to ensure a high form life and to prevent internal paper delamination. This high internal bond is unique to Paneltech’s overlays and is quite important for concrete forming applications.

As with other Paneltech MDO products, 407C has a proprietary glue line formulation that gives it strong adhesive properties when bonding to all commonly used wood substrates. MDO 407C exceeds the requirements of the PS 1-07 Voluntary Product Standard.


  • High Flow MDO Densifies upon pressing.
  • Increased alkalinity resistance.
  • Higher resin content for added durability.
  • 38% Resin Content, 132 lb (200 gsm dry weight) base paper.
  • Quality controlled continuously by online weight and volatile sensors, calibrated hourly
  • Each sheet visually inspected